Temporary Fencing.

Temporary fences are ideal for preventing unauthorised access to your site and can be utilised for a wide range of applications.

Grove Hire’s fences are sturdily built and comply with all relevant Australian standards. The panels are manufactured to be robust in all applications, withstanding all environments and of a high standard suitable for the residential, commercial and event industries.


Our temporary fence panels are 2100mm high and 2400mm wide. Panels and mesh are hand-welded for optimum strength and are hot dipped galvanized for durability. It is the only temporary fencing system in Australia that passes Wind Region D tests in A.S. 4678.


Clamps are integral components of installing a secure temporary fencing system. High quality clamps are structurally important for keeping your fencing system upright and secure.

Our temporary fence clamps are manufactured to the highest specifications, meeting Australian Standard A.S. 4687-2007 for Temporary Fencing & Hoardings. They are subject to the same rigorous testing and quality control process as our temporary fencing panels, feet and stays.


Our environmentally-friendly rubber temporary fencing feet weigh 18kg, complying with Australian National One-man Lift regulations and Wind Rating B. Their longer shape allows for greater support for your temporary fencing setup.

The recycled polymer block ensures no concrete debris is left on site, reducing environmental safety issues. They are most effective when used in conjunction with our temporary fence panels, stays, and clamps.

Shade cloth

Our fencing shade cloth is perfect for outdoor use in the event industry. With a UV block-out of 30%, 50%, 70% or 90%, this shade cloth lets variable amounts of sun through – perfect for areas that you want protected from the sun but still require bright light.

Built to last, our shade cloth is manufactured from UV-stabilised HDPE, using a knitted construction with a heavy duty monofilament thread. It is much stronger than domestic shade cloth, providing durability you can rely on. The 100% monofilament thread construction provides more accurate and even shade protection for gardens and vegetable patches. Available in a variety of colours, along with printed / logo options.

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